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Project about turism, time, space, money, brands, people, travel, consuming

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Globalization and environment
Article by Theodore Panayotou

Monument 2009, part one, mixed media, real size car and dumpster


Monument 2009, part two, mixed media, real size car and dumpster



Rate of Increase in World Population
In our existence for the last 52,000 years on this planet Earth, there have been a total of about 106.billion people. Every year we add almost 78 million people to the world population and are rapidly consuming its resources.

In the year 1 AD we were only 300 million and our population was growing slowly at 0.5% per year. At the start of 1980 the world population was 4.4 billion but in 20 years we added over 1.6 billion people and the population was 6 billion. By 2015 it is predicted we will be more than 7 billion. A British Physicist estimated this alarming rise and predicted our current growth as follows