Temporary Space - Contemporary Art Project by Jonna Johansson and Juan Kasari

Project about turism, time, space, money, brands, people, travel, consuming

We’ve dealt
with this specific project called “Temporary Space” for over two years now. The project began at the artist’s residence in Athens, Greece 2006 (photo/video installation), afterwards at the workshop in Honefoss, Norway 2006 (installation), then at k@2 residence in Karosta, Latvia 2007(photo/video) and the latest place was at Skolska28 residence in Prague, Czech 2008 (installation)

The idea of temporary space is connected strongly to the main themes that we’re interested in like global phenomenon such as tourism, inequality, growing poverty of individuals and homeless people. And the important challenge is how to show the final art work in a different temporary space for it like in a gallery or museum space.

Our purpose is to represent global phenomenon which are shown in our environment; today’s reality where misery and wealthy appear at the same street image. We are looking for the possible differences compared to different cities and spaces in the world.

Our main aim is to search, document and do the final art work based on the idea of temporary spaces with a large scale. Project includes video material, paintings, photos, installation or some of these mediums together. It depends on the place and the space we’re working in.